A Lot Of Goddamn Jamison

A Lot Of Goddamn Jamison

Let’s google Jamison. Right now. What did you see?

I will tell you what you saw! A fuck ton of shit. There is a resort thing, there is even ‘The Jamison Murders’. I can’t compete with that shit, so we are closing shop. I give up.

Fuck No I’m Not Giving Up!

I will probably change my schema. That makes sense right? Stop trying to be the best Jamison, and just try to be the best Jamison Border. Then….then we convert, and we keep stealing from the other Jamisons, fuck em, selfish pricks are ruining my SEO. Google is going to tell say I am using my keyword too much (Jamison), FUCK EM. “Oh look at me, I’m Google, I’m going to decide the future of the web.” Fuck off, you are still going to index my page, and you know what? This shit right here, this is what you wanted if you Googled Jamison, if it isn’t, it’s better. My word is my bond.

You know… it needs to stop. I have to have an ad blocker just for Google now cause the first 4 results are paid. Non-organize traffic. I’m not really sure how feasible that is because it’s still the best search engine, but fuck at least Ecosia grows trees. DuckDuckGo.

I’m ranting, it’s what I do, I’m just sick of schemas. I want the old wild west web back. I want the Space Jam Website back as the default, although I do appreciate they kept it. Whatever, it’s probably my own limitations, just gotta think out the schema…but within the schema, you gotta bend the schema a bit.

The True Jamison Will Just Leave It At This

If I can kick another Jamison down just one rank on the Goog, I’ll be happy. I might even do the opposite of a rant? What is that, just a praise?

While I am making outlandish claims… 2 years ago I had a Dogecoin ticker on my webpage because I liked the idea of the alt coin. GME, in my opinion, as an ape with no financial knowledge of any kind. I think it is a scam. Will the stonk go up? Yes. That is the scam. They will create hype, they will invest, the stock will go up, others will follow, they will sell, the ones late to the game will be left to hodl. I have read a lot of shit on reddit but nothing that seems credible, mostly people who know one or two things acting as an authority. Maybe I am wrong, cool… the meaning is gone though, and I am not wrong about that, other hedges are also buying GME, it’s predictably volatile. Do I wish I bought it low? Fuck yea, I would have sold long ago though and today if I had it, I would probably sell if it reaches 300. I’m not bitter about this one though, whatever happens, happens so…

To The Fucking Moon!

Even if it proves me wrong.


WHAT’S THIS SHIT?!?!?! – (Jamison)

And I quote

Jamieson Line is a closed border crossing connecting Athelstan, Quebec to Burke, New York on the Canada–US border. Canada closed its port of entry on April 1, 2011, and tore down its border inspection station in 2012. The US Customs and Border Protection closed its port of entry on August 21, 2014″.

The Wiki That Is Linked In The Header…

I don’t think I can compete with a border crossing…That is some bullshit.

All my posts, my whole website…is the only site on the web using proper Jamison Schema and they fuck me like this.


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