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I Used My Twitch Account

    <p>I am currently all about producing content. The quality of the product is less important to me than if I think that content Is an accurate depiction of who I am. Maybe there is no meaning, maybe I am going through a dada period, maybe it is a gimmick. What it is to me may be different than what it is to you.</p>https://youtu.be/PrTs6SNGtaU<p>Whatever it is, whoever came up with the idea of marketing tainted it with impurities. Luckily, while in obscurity, it exists only in my reality, and therefore, I decide what it is and as the sole critic, I'm just going to go ahead and give this a 5/5, masterpiece rating, high-brow transformative art.</p>       
        <h2>Magnum Opus???</h2>     
    <p>Let us say, that my previous argument convinced you. We have now pontification the merits of the said twitch broadcast and we use our discovery to take us to a new level. Is it possible? Could this void of reasonable entertainment, much like a black-hole, enveloping matter and emitting hawking radiation, be emitting art? When Michael Crichton wrote Jurassic Park and included the dragon curve fractal, demonstrating how routine unsuspecting actions repeated could have an expected result?</p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSAzyJUWB54<p>So if you like Art, consider giving me a job or patronage or tell me, what you would have like to see, which would have made this art for you.

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