Benefits Of Low Traffic Site

My Site Has Low Traffic

     Amazingly low traffic. It baffles me. I give and I give and yet no one comes or returns. Perhaps it is apt to compare me to <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>Sisyphus</strong></a>

Oh well, it’s well met and probably deserved. The point is this allows me to scrutinize the traffic. So as I am scrutinizing over the traffic as I do, verifying that I am still ‘off-the-grid-Jamie’, I notice, Someone read a post…and another…and another and at this point, they must have realized the mistake they had made.

Am I making too big of a deal out of this? No, you see, you are also missing a crucial part of the puzzle…They were referred from Google.

But Jamison! You are an SEO expert, self-acclaimed Batman of SEO (just started that one, hope it takes off), how can you be surprised?!

[wpforms id=”12401″]

Because my SEO keywords are mostly Land Before Time. That almost guarantees that this person was searching for Land Before Time and also is a man of sophistication. This person has my respect and I even create a post with minimal typos in the dedication of this person.

Emperor and Angel Statue
Let This Statue Show how bloodied and beaten, this French Angel followed Google to this land of milk and honey

Let’s queue up the music

I respect this person enough for visiting my low traffic site (can you guess the key word for this post?)  That I made everyone deal with an auto-play video.  Random person, I hope you come back and notice this.  Cheers.

Wait…the slug says benefits of low-traffic sites…I only listed one…huh…would you look at that…

low bandwidth costs! Those are two benefits!  Not worrying about maintenance on a live site, we are at three!  Fewer hack attempts!  4!  No one to be judgemental over maintaining consistency on numbers, Five!

I believe that last paragraph to be completely grammatically correct, and it is blowing Grammarly’s mind.

One response to “Benefits Of Low Traffic Site”

  1. Jamison

    It has been 24 Hrs and the French person has not come back, as far as I am concerned now, French people are as bad at finding out/reading what a random site has posted about them as they are building Canals. That is a clever joke, ask a historian.

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