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  • FreeStyler Straight From The Top Of My Dome New edition Five

    We made it to Friday! [pause for celebratory applause] -Another Friday — it’s hard not to get introspective (maybe with a bit of Mrs. Outrospective sprinkled in) when faced with routine. It ages you. The predictability, the antithesis to the excitement of the unknown that youth brought. My point is this –Ten years ago, there’s […]

  • Color Scheme PRO a $500 Master Class On Sale Fo’ FREE

    I Am So Good With Color I just have to say it. No one else was… So I use to actually take art classes, and I’ve studied a bit of color theory in hopes of being better at design. I then forgot it all and moved on with my life. What I do now is […]

  • I Broke My Server Again Take Two

    Ironically, after I purposely broke my theme a lot, I also broke my whole server. My website was down and not responding so I SSH’ed into it. I then checked that Nginx was running, it was, but I restarted it anyway because why not? It Worked? No, of course, it didn’t work, but it made […]

  • Mistake – Learn From Doing

    I’ve watched so many videos on CSS. I have also read a bunch of the most highly recommended books on CSS. The problem with the books is the CSS is old and there is a lot of cutting-edge features on CSS, especially for the Chrome browser. Google is doing crazy shit, maybe this isn’t new […]

  • My Tool Thing

    I have a tool displaying my analytic data, and it’s pretty cool and all. It’s an iframe, and they have permission from my Google analytic to pull data. I really like it, but not enough to pay 12 dollars a month. It will break soon, today by all accounts. What Will I Do? Well, Google […]

  • Google Analytics VS Gtag 2nd Edition

    They aren’t the same thing analytics is only analytics. It will give you code that you can add to your header to track visitors. A Google tag is a container. The container can be added to your site in almost an identical way to the analytics code. It can do more but initially does less. […]

  • Final Fantasy III Repixeled

    There’s a weird dude on a rock. Something was said about crystals and maybe earthquakes. 4 orphans live in the town of Ur and are exploring. They then fall from the sky with a thud! Time to save the day (and lower the games default volume which could not be done in the main menu!) […]