Operation Blazing Saddles

Operation Blazing Saddles

Speed! Join Me In This Journey of Optimization

A Lot to Improve for Speed…

My website could use a lot of work particularly with speed, but I want to see if how fast I can get it. This will be looking into installing and configuring NginX, looking at new ways of building websites from just using Guttenberg to custom coding templates with ACF fields. This is going to take months because I plan to do most of it using free tools and I need more credits for ShortPixel to optimize my images.

What If WordPress Is Just Not Fast Enough

Even if WordPress can’t compete with new technologies like React, it is still a very easy to use CMS system. This means that if after all my work, I decide it is still slow, then I will be looking into building a Gatsby site that when built queries the posts into a GraphQL Database. I then may be able to make some kind of script that forces a rebuild whenever I release a new blog. Giving me a fully optimized site each time. Time will tell.

A Man staring at the charts contemplating site speed.
A Man staring at the charts

Plans I have To Try And Improve Speed

I had something written, but I lost it. Not a big deal, I really only have one plan and that is to stop using page builders and start either using WordPress blocks for everything (I believe this will minimize the additional JavaScript) or custom code templates, maybe add some custom post types and use ACL to add some dynamic content to the templates. I live comments open for a reason, so if someone has a suggestion I am down to try it and see the results.

Smile =D, life is short and should be fun and enjoyable.

Update Again

I have started making my homepage using WordPress Blocks instead of Elementor Blocks. CLS disappeared, but there is still JavaScript resources having to be loaded. So… I guess for simple sites, pretty custom coded front-landing page, and you just make a bit of sacrifice on visuals for posts where you need to load in dynamic content. I wonder how hard WP-Rig is to use? Mental note to check. On Desktop, I am getting amazing scores, felt I needed to clarify that Elementor isn’t that bad.

This is Desktop With Elementor

Basically, I removed stuff from my home Page template, so it doesn’t load anything but the content (Elementor made page) instead of conditional statements and the ability to add a navigation bar since I do not have a navigation bar.

…. There are so many way to build websites…sometimes you just gotta choose one and say fuck it, build it all and let Google decide. I’m kind of the John Wayne of SEO.

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