About Me

First my name is Jamison.

“My love of the web started at a very young age, what began as exploring www.nickelodeon.com at the age of 6 quickly became an obsession for me. I would play video games, talk on mIRC, make geocities sites, and watch Google overtake any other search engine. What started as a hobby would become a career for me when I started working at Inmotion Hosting where I was able to learn more in-depth about the services I loved. Before that time, I had experience programming, but not for the web, it was mostly game developement I believe using a C++ library called Allegro. I continued my education through free sources like Coursera, which had just started and was completely free and TheNewBoston, a site with a few different tutorials by a guy named Bucky who would later get a job with Google. My goal now is to make enough money to live and continue learning in hopes of creating something worthwhile.”

I wrote that a while ago for my portfolio page.

Me holding an Emo duck toy

What else have a done with computers? I once made a musical keyboard program using python. I found a library randomly called Tkinter, I did not know what it but quickly realized it was a GUI library. I then used a function called windows alert. The alert took in a frequency and a duration and produced a beep with those parameters. I used it and a note frequency chart to make buttons that would beep at the correct frequency like a piano.

I am really good at Team Fortress 2, which is my most played video game. I love Super Nintendo games and have played most of them.

I have also done a few server things ever since my job at Inmotion Hosting. From time to time I engage in game jams with my friends.

As a person, I am mostly quiet. I just like observing people and making funny faces.