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Babel and Javascript

Babel is javascript tool you might use.  It does a process called transpiling, converting ES6 or newer version of JavaScript to a format that will be available on more browsers.

Transpiling – specific term for taking source code written in one language and transforming into another language that has a similar level of abstraction.

ES6 – ECMAScript 6 is also known as ES6 and ECMAScript 2015.   It was created to standardize JavaScript.  ECMAScript is the scripting language that forms the basis of JavaScript.

“Babel is a toolchain that is mainly used to convert ECMAScript 2015+ code into a backwards compatible version of JavaScript.”

That is from the babel site, which you will want to checkout for in detail information

See that was informative.  Now less informative no CS Babel information.

Babel is also the name of a tower, but more importantly, it is the name of an anime I use to watch when I was very young, Babel II

Babel II is about an Alien that unlocks some psychic powers and a large cat and does battle with things.  It is actually good though, promise, it was when I use to watch Evangelion, before anime was available online for free.

I will write an article on webpack soon because it is other tool you will use a lot.  It is mostly for packaging.


Image of an anime character with a black panther roaring
This is an image of the anime Babel II, look at that cat

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