Jack Parsons, Rocket Scientist and Occultist

Jack Parsons, Cool Dude

There are a lot of people that I wish I had more time to just write and study. Jack Parsons is just one of them. He is a very interesting fellow born in the year 1914. Jack was named after his father, Marvel, which is an awesome name. When his parents got a divorce and his name changed. Marvel Comics did not exist at the time.

Obsessed with the occult, he would study under Aleister Crowley Jack would become obsessed with a ritual to try and bring the “Moon Child” to life which should how obsessed he was with Sci-Fi and how he would eventually meet L.Ron.

L.Ron Hubbard Friend?

What makes Jack Parsons interesting is the fact that he was a genius in rocketry in a time there were not geniuses in rocketry. He was a Sci-fi nerd and the thought of sending people into space was a fantasy of his. This love of sci-fi is likely the reason he became friends with L. Ron Hubbard. Yes, Jack Parson not only knew L. Ron Hubbard the founder of the cult of Scientology, but participate in occult rituals with L. Ron. L. Ron would eventually steal his girl and his money, but that is just par for the course.

Suspicious Death

Ultimately, he would die at the age of 37 by an explosion he was working on, right at the start of the Cold War. Was he killed by the CIA? Possibly, he was after all an occultist, and a rocketry genius that had a lot of insider information of our rocketry programs.

If this was interesting to you, I recommend highly that you Google this fellow and learn more.

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