Meine Node Apps Sind Gebrochen

Oh meine Güte. My apps are down, and I am not too sure why. Using it as an excuse to generate content, I am going to cover my simple topics this has brought forward.

Make sure that npm is up-to-date

npm install npm@latest -g

Starting a node.js App.
I am using a package called forever.

npm install forever -g

That will install forever, and then you can use the next command to start an app in the background.

forever app.js

That is the name of the app, so change it to the main file of the App you are starting.

ps aux |grep node

That is to see processes running, and then search through them for the word node.

kill #####

The ##### is the process number. You can get an idea of what that number is from the ps aux |grep node command.

I am going to provide some external resources

for ps aux |grep

for information regarding forever

Installing Node.Js

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