Risk of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain II

Risk Of Rain 2 was released recently, and I have played a lot of it.
I was a big fan of the original Risk Of Rain. The original was a 2D, pixel graphic, rogue-like game. The new sequel is 3D but done well.

The Good

The game is just like the original. Most games that go from 2d to 3d get completely changed because some of the ideas do not translate well. Also for an indie game company, it runs smoothly. This probably has more to do with the tools that are available now. It was built using Unity. It was published by Gearbox, which it has a bit of a Borderlands feel but I am not sure how much Gearbox helped. Another great feature of the game is the hidden Easter Eggs in the levels. Each item, each level, each boss, and each playable character has a log entry, while some of them are not completed, the ones that have been added to the game are actually pretty humorous.

The Bad

It is a repetitive game. It is in early access, so this is not a complaint and is to be expected but I am afraid that it will not be resolved. I am not sure how you resolve the issue either. Obviously, they can add more items, maps, and enemies but I am not sure if that is even enough because, in the end, you are still going to be doing the same thing over and over.

In conclusion, 5/5. Well done to Hopoo and Gearbox.

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