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SEO, The Worst Guide

What Does SEO Mean?

First, I have about 3 views a week, so if you are reading this to get information on SEO you aren’t googling right and I will make that guide next.

SEO is a term for Search Engine Optimization, it is how you get people to your website. I’m gonna do a quick crap guide on how to do it.

One, unlike what I do, it would probably benefit in planning your post with a specific Keyword in mind. Then break up your text for easy reading, and be useful. Basically, the first step is write something that someone might search for, maybe research to find what that might be.

Keyword Search

That image is how you plan, it’s from the service of which will use Google autocomplete to find popular questions regarding your keyword. The Answer to those questions without an explaination:

  1. Are SEO services worth it? Yes, that is why it’s a thing.
  2. Are SEO keywords case sensitive? No
  3. Are SEO keywords important? Same as one, yes.
  4. Are SEO tools worth it? Sure, they mean you have to do less for decent results.

Two, this is now a two step guide. This is everything else besides planning, make sure every posts or article has:

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Focus Keyword
  • Use related keyword variation
  • If there is an Image add alt attribute
  • Links, internal links! I should have split this article into two separate articles and linked them, That is why planning is good.

Non serious tips, but maybe get a botnet to generate false traffic! Add More links! Have a call to action, that is a thing you want people to do, Like hey, like my article, and a big ole like button here! Add another Link, and another, link a lot, but not too much, they can tell when you are faking it. Do you know what was before SEO? I think it was a service called:

LinkExchange started by Tony Hsieh(CEO of Zappos), it was this whole, add code to your site to display an ad and you get a credit for each ad that a user sees on your site which gives you a credit and means your add is going to show on someone else’s site. Maybe that is not correct but Tony Hsieh has a Biographical Book called Delivering Happiness, if you have a business, read it for his outlook on life, customer service and poker.

SEO Yoast Tool
SEO Tool for WordPress

If you have WordPress, just get Yoast and do what it tells you and it will be fine, unless you find writing hard, then hiring a copy writer.

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  1. JamisonB
    March 16, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    I need a reason for comments to exist. So update, I added a counter to see if focusing on SEO works. I started focusing on SEO when I wrote this blog post. I have started going back and correcting old post to make them more SEO friendly.

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