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Testimonial, I Randomly Helped Someone

Well, I was exploring WordPress support forums, trying to get a better idea of how to answer WordPress question correctly and learn. I found someone that was having an issue with a image they had, linked to a review site (It wasn’t Yelp, but it was definitely the same kind of site). Their issue was when you clicked on the image, it did not take you to the external site.

WordPress.com was unable to assist because it was a self hosted WordPress. It was 5 AM I was bored, so I tried to help them further. I browsed their site and found their contact form, and then let them know what the issue was. They were able to solve it then. I am removing their information and posting the e-mail as a testimonial. Proof I help people.

The E-mail

—–Original Message—–
Sent: 03 April 2019 10:40
Subject: WordPress.com, link issue. | Website Enquiry

From: Jamison <Jamisonv2.0@gmail.com>
Subject: WordPress.com, link issue.

Message Body:
I saw your post on WordPress.com and they are not able to help you because this is a self hosted site.  
I happen to be awake at this time, and happy to help though, the issue with your link is that it has the class ‘lightbox’ and it is being told to open a lightbox, and not a link.

Specifically, if you go to the image you are speaking of, right click inspect, you will see the link’s property


That is what is causing the strange white square popup because it is acting like it is an image and it is not, it is an html page. 

If you need more help on specifics on how to fix it, then feel free to reply back to me with as much information as you can about how you are creating the link, or if you do not know how to explain see if you can take a screenshot so I can figure it out for you.

Best of luck, sorry if this wasn’t helpful.


Thank you Jamison.
You are a superstar! I have deleted out the lightbox class that had auto populated and now it is fixed!!!

More Testimonials?

My actual profile has other testimonials that I obtain while working at Inmotion Hosting. We were paid $10.00 every-time someone e-mailed in a Kudos for us. I usually did not see them, except I would get the benefit in my paycheck, but one of my supervisors started e-mailing me some of the better ones.

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