Facebook is down

AKA The Day After Tomorrow, Today

That’s all I got, Facebook is down. it’s a momentous event right? I mean they went down before, but never too long. Just will have to wait and see how long this outage last.

I tried going back to Twitter, that did not work out. Well goodluck to everyone, I am going to go to Culver’s to get some comfort food.

As I said, Facebook has gone down before in November for about 40 minutes, but this lasted a lot longer, and still some people are reporting issues.

Down Detector On Facebook
Down Detector On Facebook

Check outage

I am below the min word threshold for SEO so I am just going to type a few things like things you can do while waiting for Facebook’s return.

Play Pokemon Go – We use to like doing that, remember? Walking.

Play a game – Oh..wait..Pokemon Go is a game so this is redundant, but try Divinity of Sins II, it is really good. If you like turn based strategic RPGS.

Draw a picture, if someone draws a picture and sends it to me, I will post it and cherish it, unless it’s made just to shock and is too vulgar or has an animal getting hurt.

Read my crap guide to SEO, I hear it’s …not very good, but it serves more purpose than this post so better use of time, I also did not have to just type random things to increase the post size for SEO. Watch coding train on Youtube, it’s amazing for fun javascript practice.

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