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Typing Goals

I think of myself as a fast typist. I might also be a particularly loud typist as evidence from people over the phone telling me it sounds like I am typing extremely fast. In my random searching of the web I came across a typing website keybr.

It is actually pretty nice for practice and also just to see how fast I am currently typing. I just notice there isn’t a lot of information about the host of the tool, no ads, and there is actually a simple multiplayer game. The game utilizes WebSockets to create clients that each have a car and the car moves as you type a percentage of your text. I may try building it myself as a project for practice with and javascript. It also has a blog, which has no content.

Typing Score
The Game is afoot.

There is, most importantly, a highscore. As I still cling on to my childhood nostalgia where there was a top ten board at arcades that I needed to break into, getting to the top ten is now my goal. 40k is currently the lowest possible score to get there, but it is the last 7 days, so that might change. When I got the above score it was 50k.

Also, I am aware that many people type faster, but I do not know them personally nor do I know anyone that actually is using Dvorak. If you can type faster and come across my blog randomly, feel free to share with me your speed and it will become my new challenge to beat it.


After a lot of practice. Finally, I achieved my goal.

scoreboard with my name
I made the score board

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