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I Am So Good With Color

I just have to say it. No one else was… So I use to actually take art classes, and I’ve studied a bit of color theory in hopes of being better at design. I then forgot it all and moved on with my life. What I do now is a special technique I call using I just made a bunch of colors, cause I’m a vivid dude, five just ain’t enough. I get like ten.

Heres The Trick

I have infinite patience. I just keep hitting the space bar until I see a color I like and then I click the lock icon to keep that color in place. I keep this going until I’m at the last ones, these are tricky. You want them to go with your other colors but yet you may kind of want it to be a specific color. There is probably a setting ‘coolers’ for that, but I don’t need it!. I stare at it like one of those magic posters until I zone out. It’s at this point I truly see everything.

What To After You Unlock ‘In The Zone’ Mode

You press the space bar a bunch more times, either you get a color that makes you sparkle or you die. There’s nothing to worry about, you are overthinking it. The endgame is preordained if you follow my guide to making a color scheme.

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Am I Going To FIx My Tablet Mobile View Soon

I’m not really sure! It seems like a lot right now. It’s easy enough to do, I just have to put in the media queries that already exist to ignore some shit I did for Desktop. I went Flex box crazy. My bad. Sorry if my content that is rarely seen by human eyes is unviewable for you.

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