Databases (SQL and NOSQL)

Sql is a relationship database, and Nosql is not. The main difference is how data is linked in a relationship database, It pretty much always looks like a table because it has to. Like if you had an object, person, and that person had a favorite color, then ever instance of person would have that favorite color field.
Name | Favorite Color
Person 1
Person 2

I mean, I could have made a table I guess but yeah.

Nosql looks more like a javascript object.

Key highlights on SQL vs NoSQL:

RELATIONAL DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (RDBMS)Non-relational or distributed database system.
These databases have fixed or static or predefined schemaThey have have dynamic schema
These databases are not suited for hierarchical data storage.These databases are best suited for hierarchical data storage.
These databases are best suited for complex queriesThese databases are not so good for complex queries
Vertically scalableHorizontally scalable

Nice, we learned.