Did I mention TF2

Did I mention TF2

I play a lot of TF2. I mean a lot. I do not have a lot to say about it, it is a 12 year old game. Also recording myself playing it is kinda difficult too, cause it takes up so much space when I do not not if I am even going to get anything useable.

I use to main demo when the game first came out, then spy after the spy update that gave them the ambassador, now I just huntsman, cause I can do it at any level of cognizance

So after a twenty minute game, this was probably the best 25 seconds

If Someone could like this post, that would be great, I am trying to tell if WordPress.com won’t let me like it because I wrote it, or if it’s bugged. 

If you can here hoping to find out what you are doing wrong when you play Tf2.  I do have the answer for you.

Essence of the game


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