DND With Friends

Me and my friends have taken to playing Dungeons and Dragons 5e on a every other week basis, on Sundays.

I believe it is most of everyone’s first time playing so it is very interesting. So far not too much has happen, and I really can only write about my own character so I will go over my bard, his name his Cthulhu Jones, he is a level 3 bard now. We have only had 2 games, on the first game, I established that I play inappropriate songs with the bag pipes. Second game, I was able to take the head of a fallen foe and make a sort of puppet out of it with a stick. Later we would fight bats, and I would add bat wings to my head on a stick. To make my character more interesting, he consults the stick head on all decisions, slowly developing a sort of schizophrenia. It has a name, Stick Stickly.