Ducks. I Know What You Want. Ducks.

This is a duck

That is right! Adorable ducks. I do not believe I have written about the Mighty Ducks (MDs) yet, but suffice it to say that I am a fan. Do I think it is critically a great film? Yes. It is imperfect, and that is what makes it good…

Go ahead and watch a film, and guess what, you might learn a lesson. The MDs did something different, it told you winning did not matter, only having fun is important, and having fun is the secret to winning. Maybe, I am wrong, but okay, so it starts right, Gordon Bombay, lawyer extraordinaire, fucks up somehow and has to do community service.

No! What it was, was that he was too good at being a lawyer, so he naturally was an alcoholic, got a DUI and had to do community service…. I will continue this later. I have said ducks 3x the recommended amount and I have not even got to my point!

Here is an SEO secret passed down by ancient Chinese Masters. Type enough text before pictures to get them ‘beneath the fold’ and Google will give your site a higher rating! Unless you do a crazy google font that takes a long time to load then fuck it, go straight to images. Well… I was right but also wrong, Google is still penalizing CLS for the caption on the picture for some fuck all reason. Whatever….it’s only going to keep me up all night. Let’s move on.

Bonus Ducks!

I met some beautiful adorable ducks, and slowly tried to join them. I ran out of rice and went to get more and the had ditched me.

Yoast has told me that I have used my keyword too many times! How?! How can one give the proper respect to ducks and not use the word ducks more than 4 times. Google you need to check yourself before your wreck yourself if this is going to hurt my SEO. Yoast you trippin’. This mother fucking post of me sharing my ducks needed twenty-four more words. That was the importance of the last sentence there.

Duck Facts!

Nah fuck it, I am done you can read

I am reading Later by Stephen King, maybe I will write something about it if my traffic keeps going up (it is only actually going up because I keep using google page speed insights on it and that is counting as at least one view. Another pro-tip).

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