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E-mail Issues I’ve Had

Both recently and a long time ago I had some e-mail issues that have been a bit difficult to fix correctly. My e-mail is the default PHPMailer. The e-mails were being blocked as spammed. This was a problem as my sites contact form would never work. I tried installing my own mail server so I could use SMTP through the SSL on it. After I followed guides but I still ran into problems. I gave up work on that (as sending from my WordPress site was literally the only reason I needed it).

Started Using Google

With an SMTP plugin you are able to configure WordPress to use SMTP. Which was my plan, except I do not have a mail server. I eventually decided to use Googles’. Google’s method to get access to their server from an external website has changed over the years. Unsurprisingly Google has grown a lot since I was a kid. There was a time you needed an invitation to get a Google account. Exclusivity…except everyone got ten to give out and so everyone had one.

AOuth Is Now A Thing Though

This is a guide for how to setup your WordPress to use Google to send mail instead of your server or PHP. The only kind of funny issue I have ran into now is Google randomly stop allowing my AOuth to my website. The key become invalid and I lost e-mail ability. To make it worse, I had just installed Two Factor (a plugin I recommend for 2FA). I was locked out of my WordPress.

Another Quick Lesson Incase You Didn’t Know

The best part about WordPress Plugins is that you can disable them without having to login to your WordPress. Log in to where the WordPress installation is and then go to wp-content/plugins directory. You will find the directories of all the plugins you have installed. Delete one and it’s gone. Rename one and it’s gone until you name it back. In this case I renamed my Two Factor Plugin. I got access to My WordPress, and I was able to verify that the e-mail was not setting because of a rejected AOuth authentication. Re-allow the AOuth with Google, then test, and reactive the Two Factor Plugin. Bam Boom Done.

Now I still Have to Do Actual Work On My Site.

I have a lot of plans, unfortunately, I am a very lazy-boi. I really want to start making each posts have it’s own template that I can have fun with. This gives me two options with CSS. One, make the visual changes I want only using CSS and not actually given each posts it’s own template, it would just read from the Single.php like any other, then in the Single.php, I believe I can use

if (is_single('post id or title or whatever')){
 echo ('link to stylesheet');

The other option is completely separate templates. The templates would then have in-line styles and such. This all seems messy. So I will think about it more and decide what is the best method. I did try doing in functions.php. I was hoping to make it run very early. As a result the code was outside the Wp-Query and had no idea what post was asking is_single. This is me probably forgetting a very simple solutions, like adding the actions at a specific time, or hooking it. I will update this with what my final answer on the best way to accomplish very unqiuely coded posts.

This Post Fails SEO

I used to many words in my sentences. Did not include enough Links. It says a passive voice was used! All lies and slander. I will use very short sentence in my final post to help even things out. A few more short easy to read sentences and we will be good. Great News! This shit paragraphed saved the SEO audit tool and my sanity!

Cheers Shitty Paragraph!

You are my hero! My savior! The above shitty paragraph and holding my sites SEO on it’s back. My only regret is I do not have more shitty paragraphs like that! Ten out of ten. Would write shitty paragraph again. It is working. These strong sentences are improving the audit score by about .3 each. Keep them short and keep them non passive. I do not understand passive voice completely. Short sentences help. We are at 12.1 and we want to get to 10. One more shitty paragraph for the sole purpose of passing SEO and we will be good. Fixing the Passive problem without changing my text is the hardest issue yet! I could rewrite things…but…nah.

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