I’m still using it! A better website/blog/news site did a review on it. It’s better than what I plan to write, I just wanted to show how many trees they apparently planted off of my search. Before I forget, here’s a link to Ecosia

Damn Jamison, that’s a good look!

Nice! If their search results were a bit better, I would have that number up as it stands now, a lot of times if it’s a google search where I have to be semi vague because I do not have all the details of what I’m looking up, I still have to use the Google.

I hope that changes one day where an argument could be made that Google’s results weren’t the current best results you can get from a search engine. Maybe in the future, they will overstep their Ad system and just make them not worth it anymore when the search engines are closer to having equivalent results.

Ew… if someone stole your content, you would have to reach out to many search engines then to get the infringing page de-indexed. That would be a pain.

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