EJS With Express

I am trying to finish a tutorial that I had already paid for a couple years ago on different web dev tools. Right now it is using Express and I had to Google, probably because I forgot and I am trying to pick it back up in the middle, the difference in EJS between <% %>, which is the EJS tags, for example one page that I have data on

Oh…yeah…I will have to add some way to add code escapped html because I am not quite sure how to do it with guttenberg…

<%= Outputs the value into the template (HTML escaped)
<% not escaped html. That is the big key difference I forgot and thought it was important to share. It is a very basic thing that you probably already know if you are messing with EJS but on the off chance you didn’t because…maybe you took a break in the middle of a lesson and are coming back to it. That is the answer and it’s not that easy to google because People get way more in depth when you just use those symbols as queries for the search. You are maybe welcome.