Elementor Stretch With JavaScript.

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I used that technique to make a quick landing page. You may have seen said landing page. It is cool and pretty, and I am happy Elementor made it easy to do. That said, if it is above the folds at least, it will lower your CLS. CLS being a metric that Google looks at.

Does It Matter

I am not an SEO expert, even when and if I am being paid to give SEO advice. SEO is dumb and really only Google knows everything since they control it. That said, you can go by what Google has told us, throw that knowledge back at people and call yourself an SEO expert. So, as an expert, I am pretty sure they only care about Mobile CLS and not Desktop. The Elementor JavaScript features is for Desktop and almost always is fixed with CSS for mobile, fixed as 0 CLS.

I can’t ‘prove’ any of this, I am just one website that happens to use that feature. The one thing I have is this:

and the hours I spent changing different things to find the issue. The fix was to just not use JavaScript to do full width and do it with CSS instead and honestly, even Elementor suggested that after googling.

“While we still recommend using your theme setting to get full width, this option lets you get the full width effect without having to make any alterations to the theme or the CSS of the page.”


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