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  • Final Fantasy One Repixeled

    test 1236457799 I remember playing Final Fantasy 1-6 all the time as a young kid and recently Square Enix released their remakes. Instead of doing the new graphics, which they have done before, losing the feel of the original they did a repixeled remake. It looks nice if you are nostalgic for the original. The […]

  • Ducks. I Know What You Want. Ducks.

    Ducks. I Know What You Want.  Ducks.

    I can ramble about anything, truly. Let’s talk about ducks before I go to bed. I had a duck adventure shortly after work.

  • It’s The Land Before Time II

    It’s The Land Before Time II

    Jamison writes about the Land Before Time II with unbridled excitement! It should be delightful.

  • Prairie Fires

    Prairie Fires

    Prairie Fires Abridged Unofficially By Jamison The Prairie Fires story forms some of the most beautiful scenes to be witnessed in a tone that sounds menacing. Oh shit!  It’s just about Laura, and it’s going too fast to type, Laura’s mom just died, a few years later, she wrote a brief note, every woman in […]

  • Middle Aged Man Plays Donkey Kong 64

    Middle Aged Man Plays Donkey Kong 64

    Donkey Kong 64, A Look Back At The Good Ol’ Days I am 31 years old, I can not really remember Donkey Kong 64 became a thing, but I remember I could not really afford it.  It took an extra memory add-on chip to the 64 and my family was not made of money.  It […]

  • Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinkie

    Same Thing We Do Every Night Pinkie

    Try to take over the world. I could not sleep tonight. Insomnia led me to create a quick half-assed plan on – how I would take over the world. The whole thing is not complete villainy yet, at least not James Bond Villain levels. It might have reached a bit of Zuckerberg levels of evil, […]

  • Should You Watch The Mandalorian

    Should You Watch The Mandalorian

    The Mandalorian, an opinion from someone whose opinions do not matter. What can I say about the <a href=””>Mandalorian</a> after two full seasons?  Well, if you like Star Wars, then<a href=”×0.jpeg”> you should definitely watch it</a>.  In my opinion, the <a href=””>Mandalorian</a> writing is pretty <a href=””>subpar</a>.  This doesn’t mean it isn’t good, in fact, […]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Whales

    Everything You Need To Know About Whales

    Whales, Not To Be Trusted Did you know that whales were happy after 911 or their stress levels went down because there were fewer airplane and ship noises? Also, they are royal fish in UK law, so the monarchs own them all and sturgeon. It’s weird cause whales hate us, but they don’t seem to […]

  • Links Of Reddit

    Links Of Reddit

    Links! I Collected Links! This is a collection of links that I have collected off a long thread from Reddit.  My plan is to go through each link, one by one, describe it, maybe do a screenshot, so you have an accurate representation without having to sort through the list yourself.  I do not expect […]

  • Turn Down For…What?

    Turn Down For…What?

    Turn Down For What (it’s a slight pun) <p>I am shamelessly stealing my Facebook post to act like I wrote a new post here. I am hoping that in the time it takes me to press control+v, I will have an idea of how to fill up more content.</p> <img width=”640″ height=”352″ src=”×422.jpg” alt=”Facebook” loading=”lazy” […]