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  • Final Fantasy One Repixeled

    test 1236457799 I remember playing Final Fantasy 1-6 all the time as a young kid and recently Square Enix released their remakes. Instead of doing the new graphics, which they have done before, losing the feel of the original they did a repixeled remake. It looks nice if you are nostalgic for the original. The […]

  • Middle Aged Man Plays Donkey Kong 64

    Middle Aged Man Plays Donkey Kong 64

    Donkey Kong 64, A Look Back At The Good Ol’ Days I am 31 years old, I can not really remember Donkey Kong 64 became a thing, but I remember I could not really afford it.  It took an extra memory add-on chip to the 64 and my family was not made of money.  It […]

  • DND, It’s Fashionable

    DND, It’s Fashionable

    I am 31, most of the people I went to highschool with have moved on from my life but I do have 4 or 5 people that I play Dungeons and Dragons with. I am happy with answer any questions anyone has regarding DnD, although, I do not really have an outstanding knowledge of the […]

  • Did I mention TF2

    Did I mention TF2

    I play a lot of TF2. I mean a lot. I do not have a lot to say about it, it is a 12 year old game. Also recording myself playing it is kinda difficult too, cause it takes up so much space when I do not not if I am even going to get […]