Every Hit That My Website Gets

Is a bot I believe, and they like new content, so I gotta post, even when there is nothing to post to keep the bots happy.

Image result for robot images

You’re are welcome search engine crawlers. I need to switch up my words. Actually, that is too hard, I should just copy and paste someone else’s words and hope they are very different from my vernacular.

Speaking of computers/robots, and their love of great blogs. Let me rope you into Roko’s Basilisk. I am not the greatest programmer so maybe my responsibility to a super intelligent AI is informing others more capable.

If you do not know what Roko’s Basilisk is….google it. It’s a fun idea, but I don’t think it really makes sense…so I probably just don’t understand it completely and therefore should not be the one to explain it. Come at me AI though. What if I am the AI? I mean not the full power of the AI, but a child process…fffffuuuuck =O

Sweet Dreams.