Final Fantasy III Repixeled

There’s a weird dude on a rock. Something was said about crystals and maybe earthquakes. 4 orphans live in the town of Ur and are exploring. They then fall from the sky with a thud! Time to save the day (and lower the games default volume which could not be done in the main menu!)


I’m not going to go into the lore of Final Fantasy…I’m 5 minutes in, and here’s what I know:

  • They are orphans
  • They are onion knights
  • They wear a puffy customes
  • They are afraid of monsters, and the act of seeing monsters seems to be a strange occurrence.
  • They came prepared with knives.

Oh, just when I was going to die in the first dungeon maybe. They introduced the healing spring. I don’t remember that in one, I’ll see if it’s in two. This may be healing fountains debut!


Is this the first game with CId? You almost instantly get the airship, which is kind of baller.


This game definitely gives you more to go on than Final Fantasy I Repixeled. It still is a bit confusing, I’m pretty sure someone said I could find ‘cure’ through a field with monsters. I have yet to discover that, which might be helpful in the next situation which seems to have a bunch of undead.

I can buy potions and trudge through since I’m not smart enough to find the ‘cure’. Also maybe a bit more grinding at the starting zone.

I’m an Idiot?

I checked my inventory, I have had cure the whole time. I was so used to one and the buy the spell and select the character to learn it that I forgot this one gives you the spell as an item to use on a character. The game is afoot!

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