Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3

So, because I am a sucker for nostalgia, I am playing Final Fantasy Tactics, but to spice it up, I got the 1.3 version, which I believe (without regoogling details) is a fan man patch to the original to make it harder.

Is it harder? Well, it started me in the normal first battle, where you only control one character and the computer controls about 4 allies and 4 enemies. This battle in the original is pretty much a given, because your computer controlled Allies are OP. Well, I got attacked by the enemy, and then the computer controlled character ally used a spin attack that hit me and the enemy…killing the one character that I control. So I ended up watching this turn base RPG fight between characters that I do not control and we lost. It was complete bullshit really cause that fight is pretty much just suppose to be a story cinematic that you can’t lose, but I guess that is what save states are for. So after save stating I have been able to beat that first battle that does not even count, and beat 2 more random enemy spawns. It is so early in the game that it is pretty much just luck since each attack has a hit percentage and it is very easy to miss.

Hardest Turn Base Game I have ever played

Also I fixed the time clock on the footer, I did what I said I was going to do. So now I just need to fix style sheet changes via time. I will probably try to do something kind of neat like a darker theme passed 9PM, maybe an orangey theme around 6pm – 9pm to symbolize sunset, maybe just light blue during the day. I am not sure yet. Creative ideas are often harder than programming, but I do want to do some JavaScript.

I will try to do something interesting soon. I am pretty sure that Guttenberg is built off of React and I am curious to see how to use React inside a WordPress environment instead of a standalone app using nodejs and express.