First Poll – What Do I Do Next

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Polls are hard to actually implement without a lot of code, so let’s say I wanted a poll, let’s still the first poll plugin that comes up and give it a high rating if it works for free.

Seems to work fine, and look! It must be rate-limiting cause I have no responses, it didn’t even say it had that feature!

Making it use websafe fonts was a bit more work than I work have liked… maybe ten minutes before I figured out how.

This does seem to add CLS, but you know…hide it under the fold so people don’t see it when they first load, it’s not enough to fail CWV. Just don’t go around polling everything for christ’s sake.

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Table of Contents

This Poll

It has caused a lot of problems Core web vital wise for me….but it is also pretty hard to code your own poll so…here we are. I will just try to keep the poll hidden from the tops of pages where it does the most damage.

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