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We made it to Friday! [pause for celebratory applause]

-Another Friday —

it’s hard not to get introspective (maybe with a bit of Mrs. Outrospective sprinkled in) when faced with routine. It ages you. The predictability, the antithesis to the excitement of the unknown that youth brought.

My point is this –Ten years ago, there’s a high probability that I would be high — what do the kids call it nowadays? Oh, it’s still called getting high, good. — writing a Facebook post. And here I am, ten years later, hopefully, higher; this puts a smile on my face.

Was there a point to the above? No, purely toilet thoughts. I just wanted to wish myself and everyone else a terrific weekend.

I feel it’s important to stay positive and enjoy life as much as possible while continuing to be a cog in whatever beautiful machine this humanity shit is).

If memory serves, Facebook spacing is shit, and it’s a goddamn shame! Because my spacing was on point for readability. Grammarly doesn’t even check that shit, and it told me – “damn son! Those are some readable blocks! This one’s a bit long but, what can you do? You committed to a stupid joke, but it made you laugh – so *shrug*”.

Have a great weekend,

Jamison–dictated but not read
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