Google Analytics VS Gtag 2nd Edition

They aren’t the same thing analytics is only analytics. It will give you code that you can add to your header to track visitors. A Google tag is a container. The container can be added to your site in almost an identical way to the analytics code. It can do more but initially does less. Google tags have google tag manager. Google Tag Manager lets you add additional tags.

Gtag Example

For example, you could add your analytics tag. Then you no longer need to add your analytics tag in the header, just the gtag that will already include it).

Gtag Conclusion and final thoughts

Right? Make sense? Gtag is a container and can do way more. Gtag also has version control built-in. My website uses a gtag which has a tag for google analytics that fires on views. Views would be the trigger in this case; you can control what triggers the ‘tag.’ I think that’s enough. I don’t understand it either, but be aware of where your different scripts are. Did you inject them with a plugin, did you add them to the header template, or are you keeping every goddamn thing in google tag manager?

Out Of The Realm This Gtag Article

There’s a way to check and see what you did using the dev tool (f12), but maybe this isn’t the site to learn everything on?

The Self-awareness Trademark Joke

As always, I’m just trying to pump out random thoughts in place of content. Maybe that seems like an unprofessional way to do a blog to you, but you know who hasn’t gotten a DMCA request? This guy.

The Parting

As always, thanks for reading and being the traffic to my website. I hope you are enjoying the weekend as much if not more than me. 🙂


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