Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Birthday!  Birthday Party!  Jamison’s Birthday!  This was a final attempt to appease the Yoast Gods.

Happy Birthday Jamison!

Here I am on my 31st birthday. Rocky in Rocky one was but a child to me, for I am Rocky II age. The age of beating Apollo. I wouldn’t be exaggerating in stating that this may be my most important birthday in my birthday hierarchy. It’s really the most crucial time in my life.Good luck with the pandemic. Given the circumstance, I may not use my birthday wish selfishly this year.https://ganstapenguin.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/LetterKennyBirthday-1.mp4

A selfie I took around my birthday
Me At 31 for those who wanted to know. That is a sweet shirt I have that uses a Euclid pun

An Update

This wasn’t my Apollo year.  In hindsight, it was not a great year.  The pandemic got a lot worse, the president’s response got a lot worse, the job market got a lot worse.   This is all in the past now, let’s move forward and hopeful for a better 2021, which is just around the corner now.  I hope everyone is well.  I wrote a wee bit about the election, not as much details to give anyone a proper perspective of the shenanigans that went on.

I’m truly out of things to say.  SEO wants more, and that is the goal.  Today I am going through my Audible collections and listening to The Turn Of The Key – Ruth Ware.  I am still at the beginning, and it seems a lot like the Netflix series The Haunting of Bly Manor.  That is neither a good thing nor a bad thing.  I will say it is hard for me to get into a book and I am 2 hours in and still listening.

More internal links are being recommended by Yoast, so my favorite recent things I published are:

Me Vs The Shampoo (very short read)


The first part of The Land Before Time (I admit, it is a bit rushed, trying to cover an epic as this has been extremely difficult)

Yoast wants me to remind everyone it’s my birthday when this originally was written.  Hopefully, it’s obvious that this article’s main point was to mention my birthday and the keyword quota has been met.  I have read that keywords are not even used anymore, but I really just want Yoast to make the post green for organizational reasons.


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