How Do I Do It?

This is updated

I am at about 5 posts today! All of them are shit, but that’s not the point! That isn’t the point at all, a lot of content on the internet is shit. Start some posts, maybe one day go back and make it less shit, but if the content is there, the keywords are there and the SEO aspects are there. Then you are good!

Unfortunately for me, I have been breaking everyone one of those good practices! No Headers in my posts, just quick ramblings. No images, nothing anyone would particularly want to read unless it turns out I have some rare mental disease in which case these become someone interesting as I dive further in further into my delusions.

We are getting there though. It’s better than Loren Ipsum in some aspects. My secret to this is going to Spotify, and putting on white noise, real fucking loud in my earbuds. Then my mind is just left alone in a void, no sounds can be heard, not even though very noise click-clacking of my mechanical keyboard. Sometimes you stare at the void and the void stares back, other times it says “Hey fucker! Fix your website and show a little goddamn pride.”

The void is pretty smart… it lacks tact, but it’s smart. Also, I offer a lot of time to help people with any issue they have with WordPress, and thankfully, no one has taken me up on that offer, but unfortunately, it makes it hard to realize what I don’t know I don’t know.

Figure that out.

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