How to Rake

Photo by Ronaldo de Oliveira on Unsplash

Leaves fall and some societies dictate we clean up this mess.  Now you might ask, how?  How do I clean sweep…but outside?
Well, first, I recommend trying a broom.  It probably won’t work for obvious reasons, but if you googled broom rake like me, you would see there is an actual product for that.  I am not here to talk about such a fanciful contraption.  For this guide you will need a traditional rake, like the one to the right, or similar shape.

Step one –  This is the most important step in my opinion.  Grab the rake.  Where you hold it is tricky, and I wish I could tell you in an article but there is a balance you have to find.  Too low and you are probably hurting your back or squatting in your yard which is also bad…just culturally, I can’t find a real issue with it.   To high up and it’s inefficient.  This has to do with physics and will not be discussed further.

Step 2 –  This is where you can make a name for yourself in rake history.  You are going to drag the rake through the grass, catching as many leaves as possible without applying enough pressure to uproot the earth.  

Step 3 – Do step 2 a lot, always dragging towards a center point.

Step 4 – Disposal, ignore this section, it’s going to be paywall blocked, I just haven’t figured out how yet.

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