I try to convince you to read a book

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about a book I like, and say good things about it and hope that you try it. I will say, most books I read…sometimes they are very niche. I read a lot of LitRPGs, Science Fiction, and… I am not sure, there are sometimes biographies, I read and enjoyed The one on Steve Jobs, and “Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman”, there was one on Tesla I think called “Wizard”, I also read some non fiction on Game Design “Blood, Sweet, And Pixels” for example. Mmmm….I think I will try to do a book report on each one because…hey, it’s content. Hopefully the more I write/type, the more better (this was on purpose…it’s a semi joke…it wasn’t funny…but it was to let you know, I’m playful) I will get.

So Today’s book report will be on the Magic 2.0 Series. The series is by Scott Meyers, and I do not know him, although I will try to e-mail him later.

First question I want to answer, “Who will like this book?”. Well, it’s probably most enjoyable to nerds, there are a lot of nerdy things referenced in it, maybe it is enough just to enjoy fantasy, but it doesn’t quite half the depth yet to stand alone as a fantasy series like for example, “Lord of the Rings” which is not as funny as this book, but also has a lot of depth, and “Harry Potter” It is way more light-hearted,

Second Question. This is more of an amendment than a question, cause I have decided to do away with question, that format doesn’t make sense, this is free-verse my dudes and it’s also a synopsis. The main character is Martin, and he is your average nerd of today, not the 80s nerd stereotype, which is also a geek and most cases, but the new age nerd, just a typical clever outcast, he lacks some social skills, but he gets by and he has some obsessions with pop culture. He finds a file that is abnormally large, I do not remember the number, but lets say terabytes. This file get’s updated in real time, and it’s not long before he figures out through experimentation that it is a data representation of the world. Obviously, this implies the world is a simulator, but maybe not because the file behaves in odd ways, and there are certain rules that the characters discover later which aren’t fully explained. Well, it turns out, Martin isn’t that special…at all. The file seems to be discovered by a certain type of person usually, and most of them do roughly the same thing, try to use the file to make money, fail, go back and become a wizard. Yep, in the book, it is fairly common for a nerd to find the file and edit it to go back to the Middle Ages, Athurian Times, and pretend to be a wizard. So yeah… that is all you really need to know and if you want to know if this book is for you, then just ask yourself, if you had a time machine, would travelling back in time with future technology and posing as magical being something you would consider doing? If you answered yes, then read the book, get some ideas.

Man, that is a nice looking cover for sure though

If you answered “No” to my above question, then… I don’t man, read it anyway, I will like you more.