Mistake – Learn From Doing

I’ve watched so many videos on CSS. I have also read a bunch of the most highly recommended books on CSS. The problem with the books is the CSS is old and there is a lot of cutting-edge features on CSS, especially for the Chrome browser.

Google is doing crazy shit, maybe this isn’t new but my head still hasn’t wrapped around the idea of media queries on containers. It was explained well to me, and still, my head was like – “huh….I wonder how that affects responsiveness…?”. It will be good, I’m sure, smarter people than me have already said it’s useful for allowing things unachievable before.

I just wrote this as a lesson to myself and to maybe others who self-teach and learn from mistakes. My mistake —

The Mistake

I used vars in my CSS for my colors (not a mistake, I don’t think) but I set the vars to be the common name of the colors to help me memorize them. This is a mistake, vars should be changeable, but if I name it pink, how the fuck do I think I’m gonna change it without it eventually not making sense cause I changed the pink color to a yellow or some shit.

I think the best system now is to get give it a variable name that describes more range, like either dark and light, or base, and accent. If you like a lot of colors, IDK, maybe dark base color light base color, dark accent, light accent.
I should look up how other code dark and light mode, cause I think I’m getting close to create a rudimentary version on my own.

Test 4

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