Links Of Reddit

Links Of Reddit

Links! I Collected Links!

    This is a collection of links that I have collected off a long thread from Reddit.  My plan is to go through each link, one by one, describe it, maybe do a screenshot, so you have an accurate representation without having to sort through the list yourself.  I do not expect this to be a particularly exciting post but I am actually excited by some of the links so maybe you will be fortunate enough to learn about a site you did not know it exists.  I added stars, much like Whose Line Is It Anyway, the points really do not matter, I will rate them very quickly based upon very little, mostly for aesthetically purpose and fun.  Also because I feel bad giving anyone a low rating, even after a disclaimer, I will probably give everyone at least 3 stars</p>       
        <h2><a href="">Tip of My Tongue - Chirag Mehta</a></h2>       
                                        <a href="">
                        <img width="298" height="300" src="" alt="Tip Of My Tongue" loading="lazy" srcset=";ssl=1 298w,;ssl=1 150w,;ssl=1 768w,;ssl=1 500w,;ssl=1 800w,;ssl=1 937w" sizes="(max-width: 298px) 100vw, 298px" />                               </a>
                    <i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i> 4.5/5       
    <p>A very interesting link, and judging from when I wrote it down, it seems it most have been up voted quite a bit.  It helps you remember words that you can not quite remember.  I attempted using it with the word ignominious, which I had actually forgotten.  It works fairly well, I was unable to remember the word ignominious using it, but that was more my fault messing up details.</p>        
        <h2><a href="">Boil The Frog</a></h2>      
                                        <a href="">
                        <img width="300" height="95" src="" alt="Boil the frog" loading="lazy" srcset=";ssl=1 300w,;ssl=1 1024w,;ssl=1 768w,;ssl=1 500w,;ssl=1 800w,;ssl=1 1211w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />                                </a>
                    <i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i> 4.7/5       
    <p>An interesting concept, from what I understand, you put in two songs or two artists, and then it makes a playlist that will connect the two.  I am going to try it now.  Okay, I am not sure how smooth the transition it made is, but to be fair, my request was pretty ridiculous.  I am super stoked that it allows you to save it to your Spotify playlist though, so I can listen to it later and judge on the transition.</p>      
                                        <a href="">
                        <img width="640" height="316" src="" alt="Me Using Boil The Frog" loading="lazy" srcset=";ssl=1 1024w,;ssl=1 300w,;ssl=1 768w,;ssl=1 1536w,;ssl=1 500w,;ssl=1 800w,;ssl=1 1280w,;ssl=1 1900w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />                              </a>
        <h2><a href=""></a></h2>     
                                        <a href="">
                        <img width="640" height="378" src="" alt="" loading="lazy" srcset=";ssl=1 768w,;ssl=1 300w,;ssl=1 1024w,;ssl=1 500w,;ssl=1 800w,;ssl=1 1175w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />                               </a>
                    <i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i><i>&#xE934;</i> 3.7/5       
    <p>Very easy to understand, it removes backgrounds from images for you.  I guess like magic brush tool from Photoshop.  Let's try to get the llama of the featured image of my page.</p>        
                                        <a href="" data-elementor-open-lightbox="yes" data-elementor-lightbox-title="manny-becerra-JKFmrZzqexY-unsplash-removebg-preview">
                        <img width="300" height="225" src="" alt="Bg remover example" loading="lazy" srcset=";ssl=1 300w,;ssl=1 500w,;ssl=1 577w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />                                </a>
    <p>Holy shit, color me impressed.  I mean one, that is a fucking llama, not a human, two there was a fucking fence going all around it.  It did not even ask me to select the llama or anything, it just KNEW.  Amazingly useful site for quick image altering, giving it a lower star score because it kind of seems like black magic to me (also...I do the ratings before I try the site cause)</p>      
    <p>Well that is 3 out of like 50.  Let me just take a moment to thank you for taking this journey with me into the depths of the internet.  I am also really grooving to the playlist Boil The Frog made for me.  Fuck, I am not going back on my rating but mentally, give that site a 6 star rating for me.</p>       
        <h2><a href="">



This one I want to talk about the least because I already was familiar with it.  It is a great resource for web development or anything that you do that needs photos.  All my featured images from posts pretty much come from this site.  Photographers are great.  No additional example of me using this site, look no further than the Llama at the top of the page.



Camelcamelcamel tracks items price history on Amazon so you can find the lowest price items.  It is very useful, but I am a millennial with no money to buy things, so probably my least favorite yet. 


imslp page


Then one is also going to be short because I can not read sheet music.   I like the idea, I may find a use for it someday, just have to remember how to read sheet instead of tabs again. site


Radio Garden gives you a Google Earth like map that you can navigate and see all the radio stations and listen to them.  It is actually really cool.  I went to London and got EDM, so I point it down, but if I get bored I might try it out more.  I wonder if there is Scottish radio…there has to be right?


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