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  • Soon

    My google analytics is going to look better than Activision Blizzard’s stock. (I’ll update this soon with will world data) Activision Blizzard’s Stock – Yoast Has Problems With My Activision Blizzard Stock Joke It literally hates the keyword, the post, and the page. It does say it’s very readable though so that’s good. Why does […]

  • First Poll test – What Do I Do Next

    [Total_Soft_Poll id=”2″] Polls are hard to actually implement without a lot of code, so let’s say I wanted a poll, let’s still the first poll plugin that comes up and give it a high rating if it works for free. Seems to work fine, and look! It must be rate-limiting cause I have no responses, […]

  • What Egypt Took 20 Years –

    I did in a single night. Google Page speed Insight yourself until you reach the numbers you know your capable of! Also. I googled how long it took to build the pyramids and twenty years is what comes up. I do not buy that for one second. I also googled how long it would take […]

  • I Broke My Server

    There is no real reason why I should be able to even make this post. It started when I noticed I couldn’t edit a post on my WordPress on a subdomain. That lead to changing some Nginx site configurations. I added a bunch of new lines because the error is that I broke the REST […]

  • A Lot Of Goddamn Jamison

    A Lot Of Goddamn Jamison

    Jamison takes the lemons he has found, and he makes lemonade…or something like that

  • Ducks. I Know What You Want. Ducks.

    Ducks. I Know What You Want.  Ducks.

    I can ramble about anything, truly. Let’s talk about ducks before I go to bed. I had a duck adventure shortly after work.

  • We Dive Together AKA Jamie Jones’ Diary

    We Dive Together AKA Jamie Jones’ Diary

    More of a diary entry than anything, a love letter to my future self, a personal token of affection from me to you, and with the right mentality, it’s whatever you want it to be.

  • Benefits Of Low Traffic Site

    Benefits Of Low Traffic Site

    My Site Has Low Traffic  Amazingly low traffic. It baffles me. I give and I give and yet no one comes or returns. Perhaps it is apt to compare me to <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”><strong>Sisyphus</strong></a> Oh well, it’s well met and probably deserved. The point is this allows me to scrutinize the traffic. So as I […]

  • How I Cope With Stress

    How I Cope With Stress

    Stress, I Have It Stress can be a good thing. For me, it is. I feel like I have a lot going on but truly I do not. Anyway, I am coping by trying to stay productive, not true productivity, but pseudo productivity, like writing a post for content on my site. My site that […]

  • Art Jigsaw Test Clickbait Not Included

    Art Jigsaw Test Clickbait Not Included

    Ran into Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response. When trying to publish a post. Updated permalinks in WordPress. Now it works.  I do not feel like making a post anymore. I Used My Twitch Account <p>I am currently all about producing content. The quality of the product is less important to […]