I will write more on this subject later. This is more a diary entry (Oh shit, did you notice I double-spaced?!) Change up

fun fact about that, I don’t think browsers really care. I’m sure it’s wasteful somewhere but crawlers aren’t reading the spaces, so I doubt it has any SEO repercussions. I’m not an expert though, just a dude, pretending to be a dude on the internet.

Note to self — make a tooltip to show when your fun facts are neither fun nor sometimes even facts 🙁

Google flagged 3 pages of my site for not being mobile-friendly, and at this point, it seems that it must have been my menu items on the footer being too close together. Total bullshit, it was default spacing. It’s not Google’s job to tell me my site is bad for people with fat thumbs, they should give me a notice saying “hey, our algorithm has decided not to display your website to people on mobiles who we’ve determined from a questionable link click to have fat thumbs. To correct this, add some spaces to your elements please”.

Instead, I get this read the annoying error message and have to “Validate Fix” and wait 24 hours while they get their fat thumb checker to verify he’s good.

Joking, it’s all good, I’m glad it’s helping make the web more accessible, even if at times…it’s a little creepy that one company decides everything.

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