Mobile Menu Fixed Update test 2

I fixed the mobile menu issue. Kinda. Here is what I did. I created a new menu, one for desktop and one for mobile. I then made the desktop one able to have child menu items. That’s too easy, flex column and they look fab. The issue with that on mobile was those child sub-menu items look like shit and I couldn’t think of a good way to style them.

What Did I Do

I did what Matilda’s father, Mr. Wormwood taught me and I cheated. I created a second menu for the mobile, and this one I can choose not to have sub-menus on. Fuck it, I mean really. I should have more navigation on my homepage and site in general, can’t fault the menu for that.

What’s Next A Logo?!

Don’t get to ahead of yourself! I still bought 6 Final Fantasy Games so…um yeah, I’m a little preoccupied. When this skyrockets to being one of Google’s highest rank pages, Yoast is gonna feel pretty dumb. My dream is that as I continue to grow this site and become more delusional this site reaches levels of TempleOS craziness.

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