Murderous Librarians

So…I finished reading Library at Mount Char recently. It was one of the more interesting reads. It’s about a girl, Carolyn, she gets introduced as an oddly dressed girl, early on you learn she was adopted by a man they just call Father, not just her, but 11 other kids. Father took them all in and told them they would be librarians, and each is giving a specific catalog of study with the punishment for reading outside your catalog being very severe. Carolyn’s catalog is languages, her brother David’s catalog is War and murder. David is a tall, built young man, and wears a tutu…because it was the closest thing to a loin clothe he could find. Pretty much father is God and he has gone missing and Carolyn has a crazy plan involving a seemingly random dude named Steve who considers himself an asshole but is trying hard to be a good Buddhist. Idk, any more spoils it; it’s really odd in a good way but You don’t have to take my word for it. Dun dun Dunn. That was the reading rainbow noises. I don’t know how to spell them.

It has a 4.1 out 5 with 23k reviews on Goodreads. Which is pretty impressive when you consider how weird and unique it is.

Oh, and there is a lion and I think it’s my favorite lion that I have ever read in a book. Although I never read Narnia series of Unfortunate Chronicles.

I know my statuses are overly long, but there are very good reasons for it. 1. I like the feel of my keyboard. 2. It is giving for Facebook, it reading outside for my website, and the more content produced helps SEO, not that I do anything with web traffic, but if I ever do find a way to monetize nothingness, it begins with attracting people to the nothingness. 3. I am confident it will bring me closer to someone, is languages that the only thing more boring than reading to this point, was writing to this point, so now we have a shared experience, solidarity. 4. I took sleeping pills. 6. My memory is getting worse, and more words mean more thoughts which means it is easy for me to latch on and remember. 7. I like to hide things and it’s easy to do if I generate a lot of noise.