My Tool Thing

I have a tool displaying my analytic data, and it’s pretty cool and all. It’s an iframe, and they have permission from my Google analytic to pull data. I really like it, but not enough to pay 12 dollars a month. It will break soon, today by all accounts.

What Will I Do?

Well, Google has an API to do that exact thing so I am not sure how hard it is to just do it on your own. I will look into that, until then, I will probably just let it break and see what happens. Maybe I will pick up a pen and draw my own graphs every now and then. They would of course be static then, but the accuracy is not important, it never was. You don’t even know if I filter my own IP.

Should You Filter You IP?

um, yeah, if you want you to be accurate…I’m constantly on my site. I have a high duration on the site, a low bounce rate…I’ve converted like 10x. It’s just not great data if you aren’t.

Plan Of Attack!

I’m going to put on this banger, 100% volume, equalizer set to live.

Equalizer settings perfected
How It’s Done

and let’s see what the fuck happens, maybe I will actually get it down! I might play with CSS more cause it’s more fun. All we can do is try.

The Update

After thirty minutes, I instead ate pizza, did some sit-ups…and I think I’m taking a nap. This might be a failure depending on how you look at things, but I’m just happy to be enjoying life.

Take care…virtual-visitor-friends…sorry, that was assumptive of me…virtual-visitor-acquaintances.

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