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Prairie Fires Abridged Unofficially By Jamison

    The Prairie Fires story forms some of the most beautiful scenes to be witnessed in a tone that sounds menacing.

Oh shit!  It’s just about Laura, and it’s going too fast to type, Laura’s mom just died, a few years later, she wrote a brief note, every woman in the world that lost their moment will recognize the crippling sorrow and debt maybe?  I admit this was poor planning on my part.  I should have read it before trying to write this article. Then it all became too much to bear. Memories, we go through life collecting, or sometimes we do not (my take away from the book, I think it has deep meaning, life to the fullest, otherwise, you die with no memories). Something like ‘we too pass on’.  I am not sure how stenographers do this, fucking insane speed needed here.

This Whole Thing Was Unprofessional And I Am Sorry, I thought I Was Reading The One About Nelly, The Prairie Bitch, I Was Not Ready For This History Listen, But We Do Our Best

Prairie Fires Abridged Unofficial Part 2

Prairie Fires needs to be in this introduction to really hit the keyword home.  She [Laura?] will be visited for the rest of her life by people and places she will never forget, they are with us forever, she said in disbelief. Our children…something about disasters and other things like blizzards are all a part of us, and the Ingall’s family. and the books she wrote. She was the woman whose true-life stories went on to sell 69 (nice) million copies (the American Dream, and look no one had to be extorted…except the Indians (they are irrelevant anyway, not to me, to the story).

Adults Can Only Read Tiny Paragraphs, This Heading Breaks It Down Into Nice Manageable Chunks.

The Yahoo! Style Guide says:
Keep paragraphs short. Two to three sentences is often enough.

These stories are still in syndication, but in adults we have come to see that adult novels are not only fictionalized, meaning they are not fucking real but scripted perfectly. Oh whatever, what a circle jerk. I just wanted to hear about how horrible they were especially with Pa.  Pa was a goddamn tyrant, and please forgive my French but I hate that man.

        <h2>Really Sorry, I tried.</h2>     
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        <h2>Prairie Fires Pretend Section</h2>      
    <p>Prairie Fires really is not bad, I just had no attention to listen to it.  If you like history and the forming of states, and the Homestead Act that Lincoln signed into law which gave every citizen over 21 that wanted to just take land a chance . Then maybe you will enjoy this book.</p>      
        <h2>Your Eyes Need A Break, Blink Twice, Look At The Picture Of The Dog,  And Continue With Discretion. </h2>       
                                        <a href="">
                        <img width="640" height="318" src="" alt="dog" loading="lazy" srcset=";ssl=1 1024w,;ssl=1 300w,;ssl=1 768w,;ssl=1 1536w,;ssl=1 2048w,;ssl=1 500w,;ssl=1 800w,;ssl=1 1280w,;ssl=1 1920w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px" />                               </a>
    <p>It was open to everyone that never took arms up against the United States, so I assume the confederacy was out right?  They did just have to live 6 months out of every year on the property.  All together a billion acres would be up to grab next year, but no one wanted to wait.  So people quickly rushed to try and get the best areas even before the Homestead Act was...acted. That is the American way after all.  Then once you have it, you have to set up strict property laws.  I stopped proofreading awhile ago, you are at your own risk at this point, any mistake prior is just an embarrassing site cause I did proofread it once.</p>      
        <h2>Prairie Fires Because Apparently All This Gold Material Is Still Not Enough To Give Me The Green On Yoast.</h2>     
    <p>Germans give the Indians Smallpox, but that is nothing new. The <a href="">Dakota</a>'s (Indians) were disgusted by the Dutchmen who they blamed for scaring away game. Probably fair. Then this one Chief, who has met with white people quite a bit, and signed treaties, but the treaties were always shitty, lead the Dakotas. Oh but then the Indians try to do <a href="">socialism</a> (the ones with more were expected to give to those with less) the Germans were not having this.</p>     
        <h2><a href="">Throw A Big Name Out There!</a></h2>      
    <p><a href="">David Henry Thoreau</a> recorded a brief but penetrating account, he came up by steamboat, enticed by the shrubbery and turtle tracks, and lagoons with willows, at 5 he wrote about the big woods all alive with pigeons, passenger pigeons which were then coming. <a href="">Thoreau found himself listening to the Dakota</a>. He was impressed by the Indians because they had something of truth and therefore elegance. I think that means he thought the white people sounded shady and they probably did. Shrug.</p>       
        <h2><a href="">Prairie Fires The Fire Nation Attacks (America Is The Fire Nation)</a></h2>        
    <p><a href="">America fucks over the Indians hard</a>.  The book goes into details about their suffering on the hands of the white man.  It is very sad, unfortunately, I can not write an article and read it, and if anything you should buy it.  I am just trying to pack enough content to get a green check mark.

Oh my there are Indian traitors.  “When men are hungry, they help themselves” – Little Crow.  This is not going to end well.  We are in 1962, this…this is close to the Civil War right?  Man, I bet this is not going to have a happy ending.  Buy the book, play Oregon Trail.  Do the thing, thank you.

If this post was upsetting to you because it seemed like it was written by someone who had not written the material.   Well,I actually watch this movie so maybe you will like it.

LINKS!!! πŸ™‚

Quote Of The Post, Use It Today!

β€œHis most remarkable gift, as Laura saw it, was a deep and profound contentment with what he had.” ― Caroline Fraser, Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder

No idea what it means, left it here as a cryptic message for someone to eventually solve.

Who the fuck does my links?  He’s fired, guy who does the web updates, update the career guy, we need a link maker.

Segway To A Random Fact

Speaking of Prairie Fires.  Want to know something else that burns? The gympie gympie is a plant that is in Australia.  What is remarkable is that if you touch it, it can sting you and the pain can last for years.  People have been known to kill themselves because the pain is so bad.  Here, check out this guy explaining a better version.
I got it from watching the YouTube anyway.  Anyone read anything interesting recently.  Maybe some Poirot?  Agatha Christie is crazy.  If you do not know who story, you are real young and you should.

Did I Need To Justify My Use Of Headings To You? Judgey. ?

Love this article?  Leave a comment.  Hate this article?  Well your opinion really does not matter!! Yoast says it good to go, it’s already filling the intertubes.  You can not stop me now, go ahead and play some hype rap song, cause this post is straight FIRE.


This was written by a fired intern and Jamison sincerely apologizes to anyone that has read this and everything prior to this point.  Thank you for making it to my website, it’s questionable of you, but beggars can’t be choosers.

After Reading Prairie Fires

I have not finished the book yet, but it is very good so far.  An accurate depiction of what Laura’s life would have actually been like, things she would have omitted because, well she was young and other reasons.  Pa was pretty much a squatter on Indian land illegally.  I will update if the book drops a bombshell.

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