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  • Advent Of Code Day 4

    Advent Of Code Day 4

    Advent Of Coding Day 4, Part One I plan to go over the Advent of Coding Day 4 challenge in Python, just to share solutions, and in case someone wants to teach me a better way.  The following is a direct copy of the problem, which you can find <a href=””>here</a></p> <h2>— Day 4: Passport […]

  • Advent Of Code Day 2

    Advent Of Code Day 2

    Advent of Code is a fun holiday coding challenge. This text links to their page if you are interested in trying your luck. Unfortunately for me, I am one of those people that knows a little about everything, but master of nothing.  I was smart enough to choose python as my language to try and […]

  • Python Import Modules

    Python Import Modules

    This is actually really simple, so if you have another python file, you can import it to use the code by declaring import and the path to the file without .py since it’s assumed. This also comes with this nifty thing called __main__ which is going to be the file that is running, so if […]

  • Python – Unpacking Variables

    Python – Unpacking Variables

    So sometimes you will have input data and you will want it added to variables. I’m currently learning there are a lot of neat ways to do so. specifically you can use an * to represent fields that you know will exist, but you might not know how many, but there is a pattern. Just […]

  • More Python notes that need to be organized by me

    More Python notes that need to be organized by me

    other things you can do with listprint (list(range(100)))gives you a range to the number in a listyou can start where you want, like –print (list(range(5,100)))would start at 5 sentence =’  ‘sentence.join([‘hi’, ‘my’, ‘name’, ‘is’, ‘jojo’])or even easiernew_Sentence = ‘  ‘.join9[‘list’, ‘of’, ‘things’]print(new_sentence)0 basket = [1,2,3]a,b,c = [1,2,3]the variables will be assigned in the order they […]

  • Python Notes 2

    Python Notes 2

    I still need to go through and organize these and make them nice, but I am hoping to eventually write a bunch of helpful guides, these are just notes of my learning Lets say we have an Amazon page and we want to show their user and what they have in the courtideally we can […]

  • Python Learning

    Python Learning

    here are my direct notes from the course I am taking on python (I actually already know a bit of python but I don’t want to jump into the middle of the course and get confused) Talk about Sublime text Editor5 Sections –Python BasicsDeveloper Environment, how to use Terrminal and command lineCode editorsPycharm fully functional […]