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Pinkie and the Brain

Try to take over the world. I could not sleep tonight. Insomnia led me to create a quick half-assed plan on – how I would take over the world. The whole thing is not complete villainy yet, at least not James Bond Villain levels. It might have reached a bit of Zuckerberg levels of evil, like, in the infant stages, I would then have to use the data to promote radical unFactCheck info because the algorithm has determined that controversial posts tend to attract more people activity.

Memes Save the World

 I have battled this by spreading memes consistently, but I can only do so much. Maybe being the bad guy is the correct way to fix the world. Many politicians are bad guys in disguise, perhaps being a good guy incognito as a bad guy is a workable way to battle this. Is that possible, or is it always a Citizen Kanesque consequences.

Defeating Evil Would Create A Vacuum For A Possible Greater Evil To Rise

A false greater evil needs to arise once the contemporary evil is vanquished to take up that space. It is sort of like the church of Satanism. They aren’t evil. It is more satirical on the encroachment of organized religion. Maybe the correct answer to helping stabilize America is to support unions with fair regulations compared to the ones placed on large businesses, but large-scale evil plans are more fun.

Step One – Scrape Social Media

This is pretty easy.  We scrape the web data of social media sites.  I have an idea how to do this easily with Python, but also a lot of these sites have APIs that will make it even easier.
Tep Two – Word Count The Data
We then count the data we retrieve.  We see how many times certain phrases or words appear.  I will probably read a data analytics to get a great way to do this, but again, I am familiar with using python to do something similar.  The hurdle is not the programming but figuring out how the data should be stored.
Step 3 – Define The Words
This might not be necessary, but I am thinking of every step that I might need to take in order to accomplish my goal.  I want to use a dictionary API to go through and define the parts of speech of each of the most popular words.  This will hopefully allow me to make intelligible sentences just by follow common English Sentences.  Now, English is complicated and I am aware this is the section I have the least amount of knowledge in.  With all of English exceptions, this might be a foolish idea.  I know there are those memes that people say, I feed an AI all these things, like Olive Garden Commercials, and this is what it produced.  I will need to google how that is exactly done.
Step 4 – Create A Likeable Characture That I Can Animate
Okay, so we are stealing a bit of the Gorillaz idea here.  I am a boring person and I have no interest in being a face.

Omg It's Me  Oh Gross, it is my face.  How do we fix this?  Well…That is the where the animated character comes in.  While the easiest way to animate something is probably just record myself with a filter, it would be preferable to have this completely automated, so some 3d or 2d animated that just opens and closes it’s mouth to syllables in the text.  There is probably a way to do that, maybe even just having the animation cycle through open and closed mouth while a robot voice that is free and opensource reads out the text.
Step 5 – Profit???
I am not sure the point of any of this, but I could create a avatar that pretty much says the most popularly used phrases on social media.  I’m sorry, I am not a great evil villain, I just…I have not been able to sleep and this seemed like a good idea.  Comment if you think you can help save my plan to take over the world, non violently preferably.  This is not to encourage any radical actions.  I just like pretending to be a rat in a cage.  There is also the added benefit that writing a blog post feels somewhat rewarding, like I have done some work.

I just want to say, I hope you have a good day.

Participating in a satirical discussion on world domination does not make you a bad person. It is healthy, so long as you can discern fantasy from reality.

And remember Sailor Moon Say “Remember, each billionaire is an example of policy failure”.

Like my ramblings? Leave a comment and let me know. The validation will encourage me to write and try more unconventional blog posts. Do you not like my posts? Please leave me a message on what you would have preferred to see instead. I will then tell you what I dislike about you, valuable knowledge that I offer for free when I feel insulted. 

Evil Plan Unrelated Fact I learned

I read some posts on web design. It is good that I keep up with the ideas, even if I lack the creativity to use them in any meaningful way. That said, take a break from reading and go to Spotify and put your best hype song on. I read that emojis are in!


What great news! The fun in which we can have on blog posts and web design while staying in the within conventions has just gone up. Go ahead, party it up, fuck, go ahead and comment your favorite emojis.

But Wait…There’s More

Side Not on this, emoticons are dead. Do not try to even share an emoticon unless it’s Lenny Face. Otherwise, you are showing your age. Millennials are so old-fashioned that they come off as boomers. Not like hip young me. I asked Santa for a skateboard for my 31st Christmas.

Evil Plan, Skateboarding

This has nothing to do with the Evil Plan, it is just the keyword for the page so I am throwing it in randomly. I do what I have to get you here because I feel I have something important to say. Have you ever read the book, I believe it is called Slam. It was about a boy that skateboards and gets his girlfriend pregnant. The best part of this is that he has a poster of Tony Hawk that he talks to that gives him Life advice.

This Is Getting Stupid, I Am Sory, But I Hope You Kept Reading

 I have battled this by spreading memes constantly, but I can only do so much. Maybe being the bad guy is the correct way to fix the world. So many politicians are bad guys in disguise, maybe being a good guy in disguise as a bad guy is a correct way to battle this. Is that possible, or is it always a Citizen Kanesque consequences.

Evil Plan Conclusion, Maybe Second Conclusion

Well, that is all I have for my Evil Plan. I have no other thoughts left. This meeting went well. Remember, if you are present for two or more of these meetings. You get put on the list for possible Henchmen. There are no qualifications needed to be a henchmen, except you have to have some abnormality that makes you arguable more disgusting than me. I have an image to maintain and cultivate.

Ballsy Plan

If you have a skateboard you do not mind giving a grown adult. I would be very excited to receive a gift. It is not that I can not buy one myself, it is just I like gifts more. It is the pseudo-Wiccan in me that has led me to believe the intention behind the gift, imbues it with energy that will allow me to do a kick-flip.

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