Guys, it’s working.
Step 1 of the 3 step plan is a success. 

That’s 11 visitors, only 8 being me on a VPN.  I told you, I told you SEO is a scam and only my proven true way of generating trash content in a way that is very meta will prevail. 

I would name twitter handlers that do this tactic, but they do not want to me associated with me, understandably so.

[wpforms id=”12401″]

My radical attempts at web development will have me go down in the likes of the masked magician of Fox fame.  I hope he is well.  If anyone has an idea for step two, hit me up via e-mail

Stats from jetpack
Them stats Tho (It's gone to my head)

I mean look at that. In One day. I hope this doesn’t go to my head.

Don’t think I am as funny as  I my writing suggest I think I am?

That’s cool man, you are probably right, but there is some shit going on in the world and let’s share a fleeting moment.

Lotus or a Lily

first lets credit, Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Second, how refreshing is that? Go create something, and leave me alone.

What if I hid a ARG in my blog?
Not really a humble brag, but I am pretty good at Sudoku.

Well then, it’s settle, double bluff ARG hidden in the ramblings of my blog.  Good luck.

Just a number 1. Alt Text IS IMPORTANT for SEO Success

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
Message on a wall, kind of spooky, not related to success

Thanks for the cryptic pic, idk what this is!
I used some bat-shit alignment here.
Photo by Olu Famule on Unsplash

So far, project blog has been a success.  Also you can ignore this line, it was strictly to have the word success show up two more times if I could and reach a suitable SEO length.  Lorem Ipsum but with some love.

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