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The Mandalorian, an opinion from someone whose opinions do not matter.

    What can I say about the <a href="">Mandalorian</a> after two full seasons?  Well, if you like Star Wars, then<a href=""> you should definitely watch it</a>.  In my opinion, the <a href="">Mandalorian</a> writing is pretty <a href="">subpar</a>.  This doesn't mean it isn't good, in fact, it might help to the appeal.  The whole series plays like fanfiction.  Think of a <a href="">stereotypical</a> Star Wars <a href="">nerd</a>, and picture them writing a new series, where everything they can think of happens.  That is what we are getting, and I am getting excited because I feel like <a href="">Ewoks</a> are definitely going to show in some series.

I love me some Ewoks.

Watch it, and just enjoy it, and don’t try to over think it.

Star Wars
Unsplashed image by michael marais, I think they are toys

This is just me banking on the popularity of the Mandalorian, hopefully I spelt it right.  It is impossible to say why it is good, without spoiling it.  You can watch the Mandalorian on Disney+

StarWars michael-marais Unsplash

Man, the Mandalorian…Speaking of  poor writing, here is a Segway. Watch out!

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Extra Content That Has Nothing To Do With The Mandalorian But Yoast Wants More Words

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