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  • First Poll test – What Do I Do Next

    [Total_Soft_Poll id=”2″] Polls are hard to actually implement without a lot of code, so let’s say I wanted a poll, let’s still the first poll plugin that comes up and give it a high rating if it works for free. Seems to work fine, and look! It must be rate-limiting cause I have no responses, […]

  • Ecosia

    I’m still using it! A better website/blog/news site did a review on it. It’s better than what I plan to write, I just wanted to show how many trees they apparently planted off of my search. Before I forget, here’s a link to Ecosia Nice! If their search results were a bit better, I would […]

  • Improving Slowly

    Improving Slowly

    I am taking a class on trying to be productive and make changes in my life as I try to be passionate about improving myself always.  I am hoping to be a better learner and make use of my time more productively.  One of the tools I am now trying to use is My […]