Category: Web Development

  • Theme Disasters

    You should have a backup. WordPress recommends having a default theme as well. If you have a default theme like twenty-twenty it will automatically activate if your current custom theme just disappeared. Let’s do some testing. Theme Test One I currently have 2 custom themes. What do you think will happen if I hide/delete/make vanish […]

  • Revisions

    Real fast basic talk about revisions now that I’m super popular and reaching upwards of three people. A revision is just a saved copy of a post or page that is saved in the database. It is often popular to limit the number of revisions you are allowed cause you can go crazy. Some of […]

  • Why You Don’t Add Youtube Videos

    Youtube videos are great! If you can help it, of course, you shouldn’t add them to your website. Sometimes it’s necessary, like when you miss the old days of Myspace. I am creating this page just so I can do a Google Page Speed Index and show the results before and after a Youtube video […]

  • Mobile Menu Fixed Update test 2

    I fixed the mobile menu issue. Kinda. Here is what I did. I created a new menu, one for desktop and one for mobile. I then made the desktop one able to have child menu items. That’s too easy, flex column and they look fab. The issue with that on mobile was those child sub-menu […]

  • Categorize Your Posts

    Nah, just change the category uncategorized to Best Posts, and bam, you fixed it. No longer are you lazy and have uncategorized your shit. You have reached a new level where your work just keeps surpassing your last. How can I categorized this as a random thought when my other random thoughts will tarnish this […]

  • We Added Breadcrumbs (Cause Fuck Making A Home Page Link)

    I needed a way to get back to my Homepage. The solution is obviously just add a menu link or making a site logo. Turns out Georgia and breadcrumbs were on my mind though. I noticed that even though I had breadcrumbs enabled, when I switched my themes, they went away! Oh No! not a […]

  • New Mobile Menu Update

    As I said I was going to and I think described in an earlier post. I made a mobile menu. Pretty basic but it gets the job done. Now maybe you are asking, “Jamison, plugins can do that for you?…” and that is true, but almost every mobile menu plugin adds the menu using Javascript […]

  • WordPress 5.8 Came Out!

    With the new version of WordPress 5.8 taking the internet by storm, there is no telling where technology is going. What will be the next big advancement? Was that intro just for SEO?… Yes? I’m not great at SEO, who really knows how that will play out…in the new world of WordPress 5.8 We (Tito, […]

  • Mobile Menu

    I made a quick mobile menu yesterday. This site theme is about a day old. This is just a hobby so it’s going really well. Let’s talk about how I did the mobile menu. I registered another menu in the functions.php – So now I have two menus registered, a primary and a MobileMenu. Then […]

  • Re Building The Site Part Two

    Nav Menu’s are annoying, that’s why I like Single App Pages. That said, I almost finished coding mine. I will update the code once it works but for now my messy stylish build completely ontop of customizer – We’ll work out the backs, like for example the button has to be clicked twice to open […]