Well What The Shit

I tried to edit my previous post because it’s shit. I have this unique strategy where I try to hit all my categories in one post, making the categories redundant. I think it’s brilliant.

I Do Not Work For Google

The fact might have been obvious, but I just wanted to clarify before anything I say or do gets misconstrued as SEO advice. I blocked bad bots and now I get no traffic.

Shit I Got Distracted

The whole point is that I could not edit the post, I got a white screen. I tried deleting all my session cookies, which did not work. Then I said fuck it and reinstalled Jetpack. Bingo! Was it a coincidence….I’m not sure, probably. Will unistall Jetpack again and see what happens. Fingers Crossed.

Well Shit

I just uninstalled Jetpack and it still works. There was a Jetpack update…maybe my server was just bog down and slow.

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